The driver education program at Tyler Consolidated High School is designed to help beginning drivers develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to become safe, low risk, responsible drivers --and to DRIVE RIGHT

Since the driving task is primarily a thinking task, an organized decision making process is necessary for to manage the many risks they will encounter on the roadway. The driver education program will emphasize the IPDE process as the basis of instruction. The IPDE process is an organized system for seeing, thinking, and responding. Students learn how to identify, predict, decide, and execute in a manner that develops the behaviors and mental skills for low-risk driving.

The driver education program begins with an overview of the driving task and skills needed to navigate the highway transportation system and the responsibilities involved in obtaining a driver's license and becoming a safe driver. It begins teaching the concepts and basic maneuvers necessary to develop the knowledge and physical skills of driving. This sequence puts students behind the wheel prepared to develop the necessary mental skills and attitudes for low-risk driving. Throughout the year, students learn how to apply the IPDE process to different driving environments and conditions.

The program also prepares students to use the IPDE process to help them make responsible decisions about driving-related behaviors. They learn how to use the decision making process in a manner to control their own emotions as they deal with aggressive and irresponsible drivers. They learn how to use this process to cope with peer pressure to engage in high risk driving activities such as speeding, "showing off", and driving after drinking alcohol or using other drugs.

Drivers trained in the IPDE process will develop low-risk driving behaviors. They will be more likely to correctly identify and predict traffic information, make decisions and execute safe driving maneuvers. With practice these safe driving behaviors will become habits so they can DRIVE RIGHT.